Annual Report

HGB Annual ReportClick Here to view the 2016 Annual Report

As the world around us changes and consumers demand more quality and transparency, Sparrow Eaton Hospital has continued to fulfill its mission from a position of strength gained through long-term planning, community support and regional partnerships. We have stayed true to our core values, while embracing changes necessary to secure our future as a healthcare leader in Eaton County. 
Several years ago, we changed our mission to one that focused on enhancing community health and vitality. This was done understanding that healthcare was shifting toward a focus on not just treating the individual, but improving population health. As a healthcare provider, it is our responsibility to research and recognize how we can positively impact our community’s health as a whole.
As the themes of healthcare reform have emerged: value, consumerism and transparency, Sparrow Eaton Hospital responded by developing a patient care management approach. That approach resulted in the development of a regional accountable care organization encouraging provider communication across services; the establishment of an internal care manager position that reaches out to patients before their care needs become critical; and the support and promotion of the importance of a patient-centered primary care model.
Looking ahead we are increasing and enhancing the resources we bring to Eaton County through our formal affiliation with Sparrow Health System. Together we are broadening a regional approach to community health by expanding services to meet the growing needs of our patients.
We thank our Sparrow Eaton Hospital family, our volunteers, our donors, our Board and our community for taking this journey with us over the past eight decades. We expect to continue this journey well into the future; successfully serving the ever-changing healthcare needs of Eaton County.

Matthew W. Rush
FACHE, President and CEO