Guys … celebrate Men’s Health Month with a renewed commitment to health

June is Men’s Health Month, and the week leading up to and including Father’s Day is designated as National Men’s Health Week. In its twenty-first year, Men’s Health Week is designed to heighten awareness of preventable health problems, and encourage early detection and treatment of disease.

In 1920, the life expectancy gap between men and women was one year. However, according to Men’s Health Network, men have been dying five years sooner than women since 2010.

These small lifestyle changes can help improve your overall health and life expectancy.

  • Regular checkups: Certain diseases and conditions don’t always have symptoms. It’s important to see your doctor regularly to help diagnose issues before they become problematic.
  • Quit smoking: If you smoke, it’s never too late to quit. Quitting has an immediate effect on lowering risk for heart and lung disease, cancer and other smoking-related illnesses.
  • Eat healthy: Fruits and vegetables are a great source of the vitamins and minerals that work to keep you healthy and protect you from disease. Incorporate them into your diet and reduce foods and drinks that are high in calories, sugar, salt and fat.
  • Get moving: Regular exercise is a key factor in building a healthy lifestyle. A brisk 10-minute walk three times a day can greatly reduce risks of a cardiac event.

Talk with experts like a physician, a trainer or a nutritionist to get on the right path. The annual Golf, Grilling and Guys Health event at AL!VE in Charlotte, Mich., from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m., Saturday, June 20, will have an exercise physiologist and personal trainers on hand who can help get you started … just in time to celebrate Men’s Health Week. Let’s give ourselves the gift of a new or renewed commitment to health for Father’s Day. Find more information at 517-543-9575 or