HGB Caregivers recognized at 16th annual Fulton Awards

Three employees received Hayes Green Beach Memorial Hospital’s highest honors during the Fulton Awards of Excellence annual ceremony Wednesday, May 22. The award winners, recognized for their exceptional contributions to HGB’s success, are:

  • Michele Yeo, mammography technologist, who received the clinical service award.
  • Kori Johns, AL!VE creationaire, who received the non-clinical service award.
  • Barbara Fulton, executive director, who received the leadership service award.

Yeo joined HGB in April 1992. Yeo was nominated for the Fulton Award because she is consistently recognized by Patients and Caregivers for the wonderful care and experiences she provides. Her manager wrote, “Michele is the perfect example of a Five-Star Caregiver and she lives it every day with her Patients. Patients have acknowledged this several times with Stargrams and written how Michele is so kind and thankful. Michele takes so much pride in her work and in the Breast Care Center itself as the best local care for the women of our community.”

Johns began working at AL!VE in 2016 as a guide and has since been promoted to creationaire. She was nominated for the Fulton Award due to her reliability, organization and innovation, and her aspiration to exceed expectations every day. “Kori isn’t good or great, she is stellar,” said John’s supervisor. “Meeting goals is not Kori’s baseline; surpassing them is. She is motivated to be the best version of herself at work because she feels so passionately about the organization and what it has invested in her, that she seeks to re-invest that back every day.”

Fulton joined the HGB team in 2006 as training and development coordinator, and was soon promoted to director of community and organizational development. She now serves as executive director of Eaton Community Health, a community organization dedicated to the health and vitality of Eaton County that emanated from the Sparrow and HGB affiliation. Fulton was nominated because she has been “instrumental in leading HGB’s community connection” and has helped to bring a new, innovative way of thinking to HGB that always seeks to collaborate, deepen relationships and focus on community vitality. Her manager wrote, “Barbara is a real champion of the HGB value system inside and outside the organization. Barbara exemplifies the ‘best of the best’ because great employees always say ‘Yes, and …’ to add value to the approach and issue at hand, and are partners with all!”

Dozens of HGB employees are nominated annually for the Fulton Awards by peers, supervisors and Patients. The award is based on:

  1. Consistent and outstanding customer service skills;
  2. Innovation and creativity at work; and
  3. Willingness to go beyond the call of duty.

The Fulton Award is named in honor of Robert Fulton for his many contributions as a member of the hospital’s board of trustees. Mr. Fulton was well known for helping bring to reality HGB’s dream of offering quality, local care. He took great pride in the annual award ceremony – not because it was named after him, but because he wanted to honor the nominees and recipients and the “excellence radiating through HGB.”

Pictured from left to right – this year’s Fulton Award of Excellence recipients – Kori Johns, Michelle Yeo and Barbara Fulton.