Chaplain Services

Meeting Your Spiritual Needs
Child with Star HeartSparrow Eaton Hospital has more than 20 volunteer chaplains ready to assist patients and their family members who may need spiritual guidance on their journey.

While each Sparrow Eaton Hospital Chaplain represents a local church in the community, they serve as nondenominational chaplains when they are at the hospital. Their primary purpose is to provide comfort to patients, their family members, and hospital staff. This is an optional service, provided upon request or consent. For those who choose it, a chaplain's participation can help to provide a more comforting and healing experience.

If you or a loved one would like a chaplain visit, please let your caregiver know or contact case management at 517-541-5923.

Thanks to the generosity of the Crandell family Sparrow Eaton Hospital also has a beautiful chapel in the Outpatient Surgery lobby across from the Sparrow Eaton Hospital Heart Station for those who would like a quieter, more private place to meditate.