Anticoagulation Clinic (ACC)

Sparrow Eaton Hospital helps manage care for patients taking anticoagulation medications or blood thinners, such as Coumadin and Warfarin.
Anticoagulation medications help prevent blood clots and can be dangerous if not closely monitored. This is done in the Anticoagulation Clinic (ACC) through a finger stick and point-of-care testing for short- and long-term therapy options. Studies show that patients enrolled in an anticoagulation clinic have better INR control, better outcomes and fewer problems.
Sparrow Eaton Hospital's ACC is a physician-directed and nurse-managed service.  It is staffed with registered nurses to assess for continued safety throughout a patient's course of  therapy. The Sparrow Eaton Hospital team works closely with your health care team to assure your medical needs are addressed.
The clinic is located on the second floor of the main hospital building at 321 E. Harris St.
Contact your primary care provider for a referral to Sparrow Eaton Hospital's ACC.
Hours: Monday through Friday by appointment 
Phone: (517) 541-5861; Fax: (517) 541-5862