Specialty Clinics

Where can you find multiple medical specialties delivered by highly trained physicians? Look no farther than your own community!

At the Sparrow Eaton Hospital Specialty Clinic, you can receive specialized medical care that is often available only in larger urban settings. In fact, many of our doctors are the same ones patients often have to travel out of town to see. We have specialists in the areas of cardiology, neurology, gastroenterology, general surgery, podiatry, oncology, and urology – to name just a few.

Providers and Specialties

A complete listing of physicians and specialties is just a click away!

Appointments: To schedule an appointment with one of our specialists, ask your primary care physician for a referral or call 517-543-9500. Clinic hours are generally Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., but can vary by physician.

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Specialty Provider Location Phone
Allergy Ramesh Avula, M.D. 123 Building (517) 543-9500
Counseling Tom Jones, M.S.W. 123 Building (517) 543-9500
Cardiology Michael James, D.O. Heart Station (517) 541-5840
  George Kleiber, D.O. Heart Station  
  Richard Pinke, D.O. Heart Station  
  James Schafer, M.D. Heart Station  
  Joni Summitt, D.O. Heart Station  
Dermatology Ronald Miller, D.O. 123 Building (517) 543-9500
Ear, Nose & Throat Jason Chesney, D.O. 123 Building (517) 543-9500
  Patrick Hennessey, M.D. 123 Building  
Gastroenterology Albert Ross, M.D.   (517) 543-9501
  John Walling, D.O.    
  David Wiedemer, M.D.    
Nephrology Gabriel Elia, M.D. 123 Building (517) 543-9500
Neurology Michael Flink, D.O. 123 Building (517) 541-5954
Ob-Gyn Michael Maser, D.O. 123 Building (517) 541-5882
  Jacqueline Mirate, D.O. 123 Building  
  Robert Seiler, D.O. 123 Building  
  Stacey Tremp, D.O. 123 Building  
Oncology Anthony Brandau, D.O. 123 Building (517) 543-9500
  Carol Rapson, M.D.    
Ophthalmology Marcus Rhem, M.D. 123 Building (517) 543-9500
Optometry Jeannine Brake Norder, O.D.   123 Building (517) 543-2020
  Frederick Darin, O.D. 123 Building  
  A. Dennis Olmstead 123 Building  
  Harper Wildern 123 Building  
Orthopedics John Flood, D.O. 123 Building (517) 543-7976
  Meredith Heisey, D.O. 123 Building (517) 543-7976
  Jeremy Pascotto, D.O. 123 Building (517) 543-7976
  John Sauchak, D.O. 123 Building (517) 543-7976
  David Shneider, M.D. 123 Building (517) 543-7976
  William Truluck, D.O. 123 Building (517) 543-7976
Pain Management Matthew Cohen, D.O. 123 Building (517) 541-5954
   Seneca Storm, M.D. 123 Building (517) 541-5954
Podiatry Brian Goosen, D.P.M. 123 Building (517) 543-9500
Psychology Klaus Sauerbrey, Ed.D. 123 Building (517) 543-9500
Pulmonary Chandra Gera, M.D. Sleep Station   (517) 541-5948
Radiology Mark Cimmerer, M.D. SEH (517) 543-9511
  David Rawson, D.O. SEH  
Surgery - General Jeffrey Deppen, D.O. 111 Building (517) 543-9564
  Troy Ferguson, D.O. 111 Building  
  Mark Jones, D.O. 111 Building  
Urology Joseph Mashni, M.D. 123 Building (517) 543-9500
  Eric Stockal, M.D. 123 Building (517) 349-3900
  Rafid Yousif, M.D. 123 Building (517) 543-9500