SEH Donors

All giving at Sparrow Eaton Hospital to the hospital and AL!VE is cumulative. Donations of any kind at any time add up to a total giving amount, which equates to one of the levels in the Sparrow Eaton Hospital giving trees. Each year, all donors (with the exception of anonymous donors) are recognized as they advance through the giving levels.

The core values of Sparrow Eaton Hospital are the compass by which it guides its journey, the mirror by which it assesses its progress, and the heartbeat by which it strengthens relationships. Those same values also form the roots for the giving levels by which we recognize supporters. 

Sparrow Eaton Hospital values are Innovation, Compassion, Accountability, Respect, and Excellence (ICARE). These are the commitment we make to Patients, visitors and the community at large. It is the promise we make to those who demonstrate their trust in Sparrow Eaton Hospital with their generosity. Each tree in the Sparrow Eaton Hospital giving program represents qualities and features that align with these core values. The unique stories and photos of these special trees can be discovered in various places within Sparrow Eaton Hospital facilities, at donor events and online.