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Sparrow Eaton Hospital Volunteers

Volunteer Application

The Sparrow Eaton Hospital "Generosity Guild" is the volunteer organization for people who donate their time to Sparrow Eaton Hospital.  Some Generosity Guild volunteers work four hours a month, while others prefer to have a shift every week. Generosity Guild volunteers live up to their name by donating their skills and their talents to support our community hospital. They lend a hand wherever help is needed, from greeting family and visitors as they arrive or wheeling patients to waiting cars to filling a shift at the Gift Basket or helping in one of the offices.

Volunteers are people who make a difference, setting an example of generosity for all of us.

As a volunteer at Sparrow Eaton Hospital, you'll enjoy many rewards. You will feel a sense of accomplishment, learn new skills, meet new people, make new friends, and make an invaluable contribution to your community.

Volunteers have the opportunity to match their skills and interests with meaningful assignments. As part of the healthcare team, volunteers broaden and diversify staff efforts to meet the hospital's goal of providing comprehensive healthcare. There are many areas in which volunteer help is needed, and scheduling is very flexible.


The auxiliary is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to raise money to assist Sparrow Eaton Hospital in carrying out its mission for community health and vitality.  Over the years, Sparrow Eaton Hospital Auxiliary has purchased equipment, supported new development, and named spaces at Sparrow Eaton Hospital and AL!VE. Currently, some of their fundraising activities include book and bake sales, jewelry fairs, the Tree of Love, an annual grill raffle, and overseeing the operations of the Sparrow Eaton Hospital Gift Basket.

Gift Basket

Gift Basket volunteers select and display the merchandise and operate the Sparrow Eaton Hospital Gift Basket, whose proceeds go to the Sparrow Eaton Hospital Auxiliary and contribute to the impact the organization makes in philanthropy. The Gift Basket is open six days a week, and is located inside the hospital’s main entrance.

Gift Basket hours are Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.; Saturday, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.; closed Sunday.

Courtesy Volunteers

Courtesy volunteers assist the hospital by greeting and directing visitors, delivering flowers and mail to patients, helping discharge patients, and performing errands for patients and hospital departments. They are on duty at the hospital seven days a week in four-hour shifts.

Office Volunteers

Office volunteers are needed to assist hospital departments on an ongoing basis. Many of the needs are for clerical support, but occasionally other specialized needs such as event support and hostessing are also available.

For more information about volunteering opportunities or applying to be a volunteer at Sparrow Eaton Hospital, please contact  Dana Pray at 517.541.5880, or via e-mail at dana.pray@sparrow.org.