A Fight Worth Winning

Cynthia Wilbur Finds Hope and Healing at Hayes Green Beach Memorial Hospital

Cynthia Wilbur, a Charlotte, Mich. resident for over 25 years, never expected to embrace a new family just minutes from home. Yet, through seemingly challenging circumstances, she gained just that.

In January, during a routine physical, Wilbur’s mammogram revealed shocking results. Her primary care physician discovered two areas of concern in one of her breasts. After an ultrasound, it became clear that she did in fact have breast cancer. Luckily, the two lumps that had been the cause for concern were still in the early stages. Nonetheless, Wilbur needed immediate attention to stop the cancer in its tracks and prevent it from spreading further.

When evaluating treatment options, Wilbur was referred to Hayes Green Beach Memorial Hospital (HGB) in Charlotte. Wilbur received personalized care from trusted specialists in breast health at HGB’s Breast Care Center.

After using state-of-the-art 2-D and 3-D technology and performing a lumpectomy, Dr. Troy Ferguson and his team were able to accurately detect the exact areas in which treatment was necessary.

“Dr. Ferguson and the entire staff at Hayes Green Beach were excellent and genuinely concerned about my wellbeing,” Wilbur said. “They’re just wonderful, right on top of things and got me through the process very quickly.”

A little over a month after the lumps had initially been discovered, a marginectomy was performed to remove the two cancerous regions. However, not long after surgery, post-procedure test results showed that Wilbur’s battle was not yet over. There were still cancerous areas in Wilbur’s breast. This raised red flags for the HGB staff who urged Wilbur to take the next step – to undergo a mastectomy, a removal of the breast.

After a successful surgery, Wilbur is now cancer free, but is still very much a member of the HGB family. Wilbur makes quarterly visits to the Breast Cancer Center, less than a mile from her home, and is frequently checked in on by the staff.

“The Nurse Navigator, Loni Allaire, calls me every so often, just to see how I’m doing and to check in on my recovery,” said Wilbur. “They’re genuine and it makes you feel like part of the family.”

Wilbur is eternally grateful to HGB and couldn’t imagine what her experience would have been like without such an exceptional support group so close to home.

HGB’s staff has inspired Wilbur. In an effort to give back, she now donates handcrafted mastectomy pillows to the hospital. Wilbur came up with the idea for a custom pillow to help her feel more comfortable when she was going through her own recovery. She is hopeful that the love she puts into her pillows brings hope to women going through similar situations.

“Patients find a great deal of comfort receiving a mastectomy pillow made by a fellow breast cancer survivor,” Allaire said. “It reminds them that breast cancer is a journey, and there is hope on the other side.”