The McLeods: AL!VE

The McLeodsThree generations of the McLeod family have experiences the integrated array of health and wellness services offered at AL!VE since it opened in November 2011. They are frequent visitors and you can find them taking advantage of the many spaces throughout the health park that help them feel most “AL!VE.”

Retirees and HGB donors, Kathy and Scott McLeod were originally members of HGB’s Wellness Center when their daughter, Lindsay Blair, bought them a three-month membership in 2000. When the Wellness Center became MOVE at AL!VE they made the switch to the new location.

“Had it not been for Lindsay’s foresight and enthusiasm, we may never have discovered the benefits of the Wellness Center, and then AL!VE,” Kathy said.

Kathy and her family, which also includes Lindsay’s husband, Bill, and grandsons: Brady, 5, and Jordan, 2, all benefit from AL!VE. Two of the spaces they use most often are MOVE and GROW, the children’s enrichment and recreational area – and Brady and Jordan’s favorite spot at AL!VE.

“I like the slide,” exclaimed Brady. “I go down it eight times – no 100 times when I’m in GROW!” The slide is part of the four-story tree house in one of the play spaces in GROW.

Kathy also uses JOURNEY for her women’s health appointments, and has enjoyed classes in RELISH, the demonstration teaching kitchen. Scott attends the Guys, Grilling and Golf men’s health event in June, and the entire family has participated in HGB’s annual HealthFest activities.

“AL!VE is multidimensional,” Lindsay said. “It’s not just for one type of person. It would be hard not to find something, an interest that couldn’t be fulfilled.”

When asked about what they feel they have gained by being part of AL!VE, the McLeods and Blairs agreed it’s about health and family and community.

“I think many people have that ‘aha’ moment when they realize they need to start doing more,” Kathy said. “Scott and I both lost parents, and we decided we needed to start taking better care of ourselves. We want to be around for many more years to come. Plus we need to be able to keep up with our grandchildren!”

Scott added, “Plus the activities are things we can all do together … it’s brought us closer.”

Scott also mentioned that the AL!VE team members are part of that family atmosphere as well. “They are tremendous – friendly and helpful. We have great relationships with them too; they are people you want to have around.”

The McLeods and Blairs plan to continue to make the most of AL!VE’s programs and services for many more years.

“It’s about healthy habits and creating a way of life,” Lindsay said. “AL!VE offers many different options so you can’t get stuck with the same routines … it’s refreshing.”

“It’s unusual for a community the size of Charlotte to have a facility like this,” Scott said. “But Charlotte has a lot of assets: the hospital, Charlotte Performing Arts Center, the schools. AL!VE is the icing on the cake.”